The preserved vertical gardens are one of the best elements that help incorporate the concept of biophilia in the interiors. They convey the aesthetic and emotional sensations that nature brings for both, to the environment and to people who inhabit them, but without the need of special maintenance.

Currently, biophilia, which means the innate connection of humans with nature and with other forms of life, is one of the concepts that has the best influence in the architecture, interior design and decoration sectors.

The tendency to connect the spaces with the benefits and positive sensations that nature brings can be seen mainly in the design of work spaces, such as offices, but also in homes, commercial premises, restaurants, hotels …

More and more companies are seeking to incorporate the benefits of the so-called biophilic design in their premises through materials and natural resources, but above all incorporating plant decoration in the form of vertical gardens and other plant compositions.

From Greenarea, specialized in stabilized vegetal decoration, we help to create in the projects of architecture and interior design that connection  visual, physical and emotional with the most innovative green interventions. Thanks to the advantages of mosses, plants and preserved flowers wich do not need neither watering nor sunlight for their maintenance, our vegetable solutions can be incorporated in any interior, filling the environments with life in a practical way where taking care of living gardens required more resources .

Nature that can be touched and felt in offices impregnated with its feelings of well-being, peace and happiness of the workers. Among some of its benefits, biophilic design helps:

-Release endorphins that improve good mood and relaxation
-Supresses anxiety and stress
-Isolate and reduce noise
-Increase concentration and inspiration
-Improve productivity

Among our projects, work spaces such as the Esmalglass permises, the Thomas Wellness Group offices or the Nonna Design studio are some of the examples of how our preserved gardens help to incorporate biophilia in an innovative way in any interior.