With a new edition of Russafart, the Ruzafa neighbourhood in Valencia has once again opened the doors of the artistic spaces that bring it to life day after day. Our green decor ideas did not miss the appointment and made their contribution alongside Empaperart papercraft artists, who specialise in combining interior design and decor with paper art techniques like origami.

Their workshop is located in one of the main arteries of the neighbourhood and has always set a benchmark at Russafart throughout its past editions. On this occasion, thanks to our wildest green decor, the workshop was turned into the ideal setting for some impressive real-size paper panthers to walk freely along the space.

We intervened in one of the back walls with a moss&plants floresta vertical garden, chosen for its leafiness and similarity with the wild landscape that characterises the natural habitat of these beasts. In addition, we also experimented with our lichens and other stabilised plants to make a green bed on the floor where two panthers awaited as if in their natural environment.

The combination of papercraft with our greenery resulted in one of the wildest and most remarkable artistic installations. Our wildlife decor did not go unnoticed. To the contrary, it was the main target of the visitors’ interest as well as of the pictures they took while strolling along the Russafart spaces over the weekend.

Together with ours, Empaperart also incorporated contributions coming from other artistic disciplines in its paper art decoration, like the illustration by Belén Segarra or the ZIP armchair designed by Edeestudio, which is part of a larger collection that recently won a Golden A’ Design Award.

This was a tremendous opportunity for us to show the decorative potential of our stabilised green items in creating a breath-taking scenery in indoor spaces like shop windows that impressively resembles a live garden, yet it does not need any maintenance.