For the first time ever, our vertical gardens dressed a catwalk on the occasion of The Petite Fashion Week, the event that shows the latest trends in children’s fashion organized by the Charhadas team this time for the third year. Adults and children alike were hosted in the Galería de Cristal (The Glass Gallery) inside the iconic Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid to attend fashion shows, talks, workshops, cooking shows and charity performances, amongst others.

Its unique architecture makes said palace a premium location. For this special occasion, it was filled with nature, let alone fashion, thus taking the attendees to an autumnal/wintry landscape.

Greenarea collaborated with the landscape gardening firm Fernando Pozuelo, which designed the green decor of many of the exhibition areas. It was a joint undertaking to display the latest trends in indoor gardening through the use of stabilised plants which need no watering nor sunlight, yet they represent an utterly original and impactful decor idea which is furthermore customisable thanks to the great versatility of our designs.

To this end, we installed two vertical gardens which formed a backdrop to the space while adding their bold touch to it. They were presented as ‘coral gardens’ due to the realistic effects that recreated underwater nature through the use of white, ochre, brown and green hues, typical of an autumnal -or even almost wintry- landscape.

Besides the above-mentioned partnership with Fernando Pozuelo, our green touch also embellished the booths and sponsors area thanks to the collaboration with Marta Banús firm. In said area, we installed two column-shaped vertical gardens which stood out as imposing green towers. It was just one example of easy ways to dress an event creating a special connection with nature.

Last but not least, we also decked the photocall area of the cosmetics company Maybelline with a leafy Moss&Plants composition made of stabilised plants and flowers featuring autumnal shades like yellowish, reddish and the like. The same shades were also used in the ‘healthy bar’ decor.