This spring, Madrid is hosting countless events to showcase the latest trends in interior design and decor. Besides participating in the 51st edition of Casa Decor, where Greenarea’s green touch was hosted by the magazine Yo Dona in a space designed by the interior designer Virginia Albuja, together with the same designer we also took part in DecorAcción, the main urban event regarding decor throughout Spain organized this year for the 7th time by the magazine Nuevo Estilo and taking place in the city area named Barrio de las Letras.

This year, the design event took hold of the streets from 8th to 14th June: along with the colourful and appealing interventions carried out by professionals like decorators, design firms and interior designers to embellish the façades and indoor spaces of the neighbourhood’s shops and restaurants, a number of activities and design workshops also took place gathering thousands of visitors, as they always did in previous editions.

Although the festival’s main focus lies in outdoor spaces, we did not miss the opportunity to participate in it with our stabilised green decor ideas for indoor use, employed by Virginia Albuja as part of her decoration proposal for the restaurant Lamucca Padro.

It was a ‘super green’ undertaking by which we dressed the inside of the restaurant’s windows so that it could be admired also from the outside. In order to make our idea easily visible, we opted for an original arrangement featuring hanging flowerpots sprouting different combinations of moss&plants alongside other green mobiles made of moss balls.

Greenarea is always committed to participating in any initiative which promotes design and decor so as to reach out to professionals and show them our work and the benefits of stabilised plants. It goes without saying, then, that we could not have missed this event organized by Nuevo Estilo.