Vertical gardens in restaurants are decorative options that, besides adding aesthetic value and functionality, contribute to creating the multisensory experience that diners are expecting to get more and more these days.

The overall environment, the menu and the service are key elements to provide a space with a personal touch and, when they are rightly combined, they make the restaurant stand out easily from the rest. In designing such a space, it is essential to take into account the function of the decoration to go deeper into the particular restaurant concept one wants to achieve.

One of the current trends in interior design for the catering industry is the strong emphasis placed on natural products, which, even indirectly, stand for a product-oriented, more natural and organic cuisine. From this perspective, the introduction of green walls in restaurants helps project that perception of freshness and sustainability that is much sought after these days in the gastronomic experience quality as well as in the sensations awakened by interior design and decoration.

Aesthetically – and regardless of the restaurant’s own style – vertical gardens make the most of the available space and clothe the wall(s) providing a strong visual impact. Functionally, besides creating a special connection with nature, they also serve as a natural sound-absorbing layer, to improve sound insulation, as well as their scents help ‘disguise’ any possible unpleasant smell coming from the kitchen.

Amongst all the green wall types that can be installed in restaurants, Greenarea especially recommends stabilized gardens, as they offer numerous advantages in terms of keeping and maintenance in indoors. By clicking on this link you will be able to look at the characteristics of stabilized plants in detail, along with the benefits they provide compared to live gardens, as they need no maintenance, light or water while keeping a lifelike appearance, something that is impossible to achieve with artificial plants.

While enjoying their dinner and night sitting around the dining table, diners want to be provided with an experience. With its deco&moss stabilized greenery wrapping spaces in nature, Greenarea designs natural spaces that can be touched, felt and sensed.

Our lichen -available in a wide range of colours-, moss and numberless preserved plant and flower options -to be used alone or combined- enable our Green Creativity department, whether working independently or in partnership with renowned architects and interior designers, to come up with a unique green decorative proposal for each space, in line with its condition, requirements and personality. Whether it covers the wall entirely or it designs creative arrangements with different sizes and positions, our greenery always adds its distinguishing natural green touch.

In Spain as well as in other countries such as Portugal and Panama, Greenarea has brought its touch to restaurants, cafeterias, gastro-bars and food chains… where customers’ wellbeing is guaranteed.

We would like to give you a few examples of Greenarea projects’ versatility when it comes to integrating them into a space’s multisensory experience. That is to say, vertical gardens in restaurants stand for a lot more than simple decoration. For further info, click here.