At Greenarea we have been connecting design and nature since 2011 through vertical gardens and preserved plant decoration. 100% natural and custom solutions. This uncertain  year of 2021 great of  challenges for all, and coinciding with our 10th anniversary, we launched our LP10 Greenarea Projects Catalogue.

A new catalog where we show our commitment to a greener world and the possibilities offered by our #greencreativity to achieve it, helping to design interiors that seek to go beyond aesthetics.

Nature is not a complement, being in contact with it is a necessary human need, and these difficult times have shown it to us. Creating harmonious and comfortable spaces that transmit sensations … is the key in a society that is moving towards this reunion with its most natural essence.

More and more professionals project environments where integral well-being is at the center of their designs. For this reason, with our LP10 we put our experience at the service of architects, interior designers, decorators … with plant solutions that combine creativity, innovation, and sustainability.

diseño y naturaleza a través decoración vegetal preservada

Wherever you want and how you want

Almost 200 pages of inspiration, for filling walls, floors, ceilings, flowerpots, and decorative elements, among other things with our preserved products and various types of finishes. Custom and craft solutions, where quality and our respect for nature have different values.

Versatile and personalized plant compositions according to the needs of each space, in the form of vertical gardens, corporate gardens, green ceilings, planters, room dividers, branding, decorative elements… to connect design and nature indoors.

Access the new catalog in our download area now.

* Multilanguage:  available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French.

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LP10, get inspired!

catalogo greenarea proyectos que conectan diseño y naturaleza

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