New point in Lisbon to touch and feel the possibilities of our plant solutions

Last June, our Green Creativity is part of Coletivo 284, the new space in Lisbon where creators and industry come together to promote new forms of creative collaboration. Is a cradle of inspiration and energy exchange, to provoke new movements in the areas of design, architecture, fashion, art and communication, among the others.

Hand in hand with the Traços Interiores team, our firms Greenarea and Gretthel are integrated together with other decoration and design brands in this innovative space promoted by the Portuguese agent Paulo André and the Brazilian designer Adriana Scartaris.

The facility of Coletivo 284, in Rua das Amoreiras de Lisboa, is a new point to touch and feel the benefits of our vegetable decoration. Versatile, innovative and sustainable green solutions are keys to transform interiors into atmospheres with full of sensations.

Learn more about Coletivo 284 here and about our products and services here.

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