In the hotel contract industry, it is fundamental that the marketing strategy defining the hotel’s characteristics so as to make it unique, takes into account interior design as one of the main key factors. Indeed, according to its design, the same space may give rise to different sensations and emotions.

In this regard, green decor represents a good bet for hotels, as –besides coupling aesthetic value with sustainability- it enlivens the decorative arrangement while establishing a special connection with nature, and even more so in hotels in urban areas.

Amongst the endless green possibilities to make indoors more lively, stabilized plants make an easy and practical option thanks to their durability, little maintenance and no need for light or water. Attractive green decor possibilities go far beyond courtyards and terraces: any hotel room may be suitable, whether for a vertical garden or for any other green decorations on walls, ceilings or floors.

Stabilized gardens may be installed in the hotel reception area or hall to serve as a distinguishing element that takes hotel guests to a world of wellbeing right from the beginning. In the restaurants area, green walls contribute to enhancing the around-the-table multisensory experience provided by the combination of the food offer with the overall restaurant design. In rooms, preserved vertical gardens may serve as headboards and green frames or they may add a green touch to the bathroom. The terrace area with live plants as well as the spa or courtyard with preserved plants all invite to enjoy the stay and make it as relaxing as possible.

Greenarea offers customised green decor projects to hotels, working with the most innovative and appropriate designs and systems as well as with top-quality materials and always providing our expert advice throughout the project.

We are proud to show you a selection of projects where preserved plants made all the difference to the construction or refurbishment of a hotel building. Such was the case of the OD Talamanca hotel in Ibiza, of the OD Hoteles chain (+info), or the different green arrangements in Barcelona’s Hotel Clarís, of the Derby Hoteles chain (+info). Or the vertical gardens in our first work por Iberostar Hotel Playa Andalucía in Chiclana (Cádiz).